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The Careers That Work! Scholarship program makes available five $1000 scholarships to every high school – public and private – in Oregon, Washington and Idaho to award to graduating seniors headed to one of the NWCCF participating member colleges. This includes alternative high schools and skill centers. High schools select the recipients.

Did you know?

The first recorded private "venture" school opened in 1705 in Colonial America, the first business college opened in Washington in 1886 and Perry Technical Institute opened in 1941, making it the oldest, continuously operating private career college in Washington.

Great Exposure

Saj Butt,

Great Exposure has specialized in creating highly effective custom Education Marketing and Student Recruitment solutions for the Higher Ed sector since 1998. In the past 20+ years we have worked with hundreds of colleges and universities, public and private, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience that we build into each project.

We specialize in three core areas critical to an institution’s success: Digital Marketing – connecting schools with prospects, and prospects with schools through our high-converting PPC/SEM AdWords and Social Campaigns; branding and recruitment-focused Website Design using our unique ‘Art&Science’ data-driven approach to effective design; and CampusLogin CRM+SIS – The Ultimate Cloud-Based School Management System and the only CRM that guarantees an increase in enrollments with our proven best practices.

CampusLogin is the hub of an ecosystem of seamlessly integrated, best-in-class solutions combined to help your team drive amazing outcomes across your organization.

We are a partner, not a vendor; let’s talk about how we can help you achieve and exceed your goals.

Saj Butt
Managing partner and VP Sales and Marketing with Great Exposure+CampusLogin, Saj has worked with hundreds of higher ed institutions during his 17 years with Great Exposure, a proudly Canadian organization and partner to schools across North America. As a specialist in branding, marketing, and admissions conversion technology, Saj enjoys building relationships and sharing his insights with school leaders.