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The Careers That Work! Scholarship program makes available five $1000 scholarships to every high school – public and private – in Oregon, Washington and Idaho to award to graduating seniors headed to one of the NWCCF participating member colleges. This includes alternative high schools and skill centers. High schools select the recipients.

Did you know?

The first recorded private "venture" school opened in 1705 in Colonial America, the first business college opened in Washington in 1886 and Perry Technical Institute opened in 1941, making it the oldest, continuously operating private career college in Washington.

National Center for Competency Testing

National Center for Competency Testing
7007 College Blvd, Suite 385
Overland Park, KS 66211

NCCT is an allied health certifying agency that works in partnership with quality academic programs. Our certifications provide credentials that help in job placement and meet many state certification requirements.

NCCT helps to bridge the transformation from student to employee with:

  • Directly aligned certification test preparation materials, especially the Interactive Review System which is accessible on a computer, tablet or smart phone and allows users to study anywhere at any time.
  • We offer On-Site certification examinations so students may test in a familiar environment.
  • Social media engagement to foster collegial information exchange.
  • Top-of-the-line and P.A.C.E. approved continuing education courses designed to help certificants stay current in their professions.