2009 Veterans Appreciation Award Program

Currently there are 69 Award recipients for 2009

Award Recipient Military Branch Scholarship College(s)
Nathan AdamsCoast GuardCheckride Driver Training Services
Joshuah AdamsArmyEverest College (Bremerton)
Rachel AlfordNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Raul AlmoraideNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Andrew BaileyArmyEverest College (Seattle - Formerly Ashmead College)
Shirley BlassmanMarinesPima Medical Institute (Renton)
Christopher BlimkaArmyApollo College (Spokane)
Raphael BuddArmyDeVry University (Federal Way)
Willie CaseyArmyInternational Air and Hospitality Academy
Ronald ClarkNavyConcorde Career Institute
Sheila ColeNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Ellery ColemanAirforceDeVry University (Federal Way)
Garrett CollinsMarinesEverest College (Bremerton)
John CurielNavyInternational Academy of Design and Technology (IADT)
Rodney DavisArmyStevens-Henager College
Michelle DiamondNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Brooke DiezArmyPima Medical Institute (Renton)
Jonathan DoorninkArmyDivers Institute of Technology
Roxanne ElliottNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Joseph ErecachoNavyEverest College (Vancouver)
Levi EvensonMarinesMilan Institute
Darryl EzellNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Shanta FerraraArmyEverest College (Tacoma)
Sara FullerArmyEverest College (Tacoma)
Melanie GallettiArmyApollo College (Boise)
Ronald GormleyArmyDeVry University (Portland)
Brittany GrissingerArmyEverest College (Bremerton)
LeAndra HarrellNavyEverest College (Everett)
Tamara HendersonAirforceEverest College (Bremerton)
Jeremy HolmanArmyDriver Training Solutions
Beth HurleyArmyEverest College (Vancouver - formerly Ashmead College)
Jermaine JacksonNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Heidi JamesArmyDeVry University (Federal Way)
Matthew JonesNavyDeVry University (Federal Way)
Luis JuarezArmyPerry Technical Institute
Erica KaneArmyPima Medical Institute (Renton)
Owen KeiferNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Erick KremsNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Nabil LadipoNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Earnest LampleyArmyDriver Training Solutions
Michael LehmanArmyApollo College (Spokane)
Leandra LongNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Elis Marrero, jrNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Matthew MattsonArmyApollo College (Spokane)
Jessica McCreaNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Mark MiddenAirforceNorthwest School of Wooden Boat Building
Mark MiddenAirforceNorthwest Culinary Institute
Anita MillerArmyEverest College (Bremerton)
Marcus MindermannNavyDriver Training Solutions
Marcus NatewaNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Walter PaganCoast GuardEverest College (Seattle - Formerly Ashmead College)
Anthony ParksArmyDeVry University (Federal Way)
Phillip PattesonArmyDeVry University (Federal Way)
Ashley RalstonNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Nathaniel RamirezNavyNorthwest School of Wooden Boat Building
Jesse RobertsAirforceDriver Training Solutions
David RolandNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Georgiana SextonArmyEverest College (Tacoma)
Erick ShererNavyDeVry University (Federal Way)
samantha smithAirforceEverest College (Seattle - Formerly Ashmead College)
TJ SpringArmyDeVry University (Federal Way)
Ian TheibertArmyDeVry University (Federal Way)
Getahun TrotterCoast GuardEverest College (Seattle - Formerly Ashmead College)
Jeffrey VallelyNavy-- Choose --
Lee WarrenNavyEverest College (Bremerton)
Evan WendenAirforceInternational Academy of Design and Technology (IADT)
Joshua WilliamsMarinesEverest College (Bremerton)
Richard WrenArmyInternational Air and Hospitality Academy
Ralph ZaehringerArmyStevens-Henager College
End of Records (found 69)