2013 Veterans Appreciation Award Program

Currently there are 151 Award recipients for 2013

Award Recipient Military Branch Scholarship College(s)
Derron T Overton ArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Eric AllanArmyPerry Technical Institute
Josiah AllenArmyPerry Technical Institute
Althea AlmiranteArmyPima Medical Institute - Renton
Harry AlsmanNavyDeVry University - Portland
Stephanie AndersonArmyNorthwest Culinary Institute
Patrick ArelArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Shane BaldridgeNavyPerry Technical Institute
Nataya BattlesArmyEverest College - Tacoma
Carissa BeckerNavyEverest College - Vancouver
Molly BekNavyEverest College - Bremerton
Sara BerryArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Jakili BeverlyNavyConcorde Career College
Dennis BisbeeArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Marty BlairCoast GuardDeVry University - Portland
Rocky BloomArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Zachary BrownArmyNorthwest Railroad Institute
Marsha BullinsArmyCharter College - Vancouver
James CaldwellNavyEverest College - Bremerton
Roy CallahanArmyPerry Technical Institute
DANIEL CANBYAirforceNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Jordan CarlsonAirforceEverest College - Bremerton
Donald CaudleAirforceDeVry University - Portland
William T (TOM) ChronigerNavyConstruction Industry Training Council
Janisa ChumleyArmyPima Medical Institute - Renton
wallace colemanArmyConcorde Career Institute
James CorriellAirforcePerry Technical Institute
jesse crawfordNavyEverest College - Vancouver
Brandon CrevlingMarinesPerry Technical Institute
Mark CulpAirforceDeVry University - Portland
Christopher CunninghamArmyDivers Institute of Technology
Andre DavisMarinesEverest College - Bremerton
david davisArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Ricardo de Vera jr.NavyPima Medical Institute - Renton
John DickinsonAirforcePerry Technical Institute
Melissa DillardCoast GuardPima Medical Institute - Renton
Lowell DixonNavyDeVry University - Portland
Roby DonaldsonNavyPerry Technical Institute
Jeffrey DownenMarinesPerry Technical Institute
Jeffrey DownenMarinesPerry Technical Institute
Derek DuniganMarinesNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Jessica EnglishNavyPima Medical Institute - Renton
Armando FabionarNavyEverest College - Bremerton
Glen FarnsworthNavyPerry Technical Institute
Cristobal FloresCoast GuardDeVry University - Portland
Samuel FordNavyEverest College - Bremerton
John FullertonArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Nathan GoedertAirforcePerry Technical Institute
Mark K. GoldsmithArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
James GordonNavyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Lawrence GriffinArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Justice GuerreroArmyEverest College - Vancouver
Michael GuffeyArmyConstruction Industry Training Council
Daniel GuzmanArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Grant HadleyCoast GuardDeVry University - Portland
Michael HamiltonAirforcePima Medical Institute - Renton
Kyle HansenArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Benjamin HarpArmyEverest College - Bremerton
Timothy HarperArmyEverest College - Vancouver
Jeffrey HayesCoast GuardDeVry University - Portland
Connor HendricksonArmyPerry Technical Institute
William HobsonArmyEverest College - Vancouver
Ryan HoffertArmyPerry Technical Institute
joshua hoffmanArmyPima Medical Institute - Renton
Cheryl HolmesArmyEverest College - Vancouver
Kenneth HoltArmyStevens-Henager College
Damien HorandArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Marvin HuntNavyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Ryan InocencioNavyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Tony InthavongArmyPima Medical Institute - Renton
Arthur JohnsonMarinesBrown Mackie College
Michael JohnsonArmyPerry Technical Institute
Otis JonesArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Karlson KeelArmyEverest College - Vancouver
Jason KentNavyNorthwest Railroad Institute
Jonathan KingArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Justin KingArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Drake klarkowskiArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Ray KnyzewskiAirforcePima Medical Institute - Renton
Harold KoenigNavyPerry Technical Institute
Cassie LaBoneArmyNorthwest Culinary Institute
Christopher LaCourNavyPima Medical Institute - Renton
joshua larsonAirforcePerry Technical Institute
Trevor LeistAirforcePerry Technical Institute
Kerri LewisArmyEverest College - Vancouver
Jose LLenasMarinesNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Timothy LopezArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
James MacchiarellaNavyEverest College - Bremerton
John MarianoArmyPerry Technical Institute
Lacy MartinNavyEverest College - Bremerton
Lance MarvichNavyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Lance MarvichNavyDivers Institute of Technology
Rachael MasonArmyEverest College - Bremerton
Andrew MastersArmyDivers Institute of Technology
Michael McConnellNavyPerry Technical Institute
Angela MeltonArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Deborah MendezMarinesEverest College - Vancouver
Andrew MisticNavyEverest College - Vancouver
Ronald MonetteArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Michael MoonNavyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Chelsea MooreArmyEverest College - Vancouver
Peter MuchaMarinesNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Lauryn MyersAirforceConcorde Career Institute
Gabriela NarioAirforceDeVry University - Portland
Briant NealNavyEverest College - Vancouver
Charles NealArmyNorthwest Railroad Institute
Chad NeibaurMarinesStevens-Henager College
Wilbur NesmithArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
James NesmithArmyNorthwest Railroad Institute
Gerardo ObandoNavyEverest College - Bremerton
nathaniel osborneArmyEverest College - Bremerton
Nicholas OwenMarinesNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Ivan PadillaMarinesDeVry University - Portland
R. Keith ParkerAirforceNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
michael peritzNavyDeVry University - Federal Way
Evan PlamondonArmyPerry Technical Institute
Matthew PlasterNavyPerry Technical Institute
Jacob PromArmyPerry Technical Institute
Kenneth ReedArmyPima Medical Institute - Renton
Brad RemseyNavyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Timothy ReynoldsArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Jessenia RodriguezNavyPima Medical Institute - Seattle
Kristian RuchertArmyPerry Technical Institute
Ronald SalasArmyEverest College - Tacoma
Cory SandsArmyEverest College - Vancouver
David SchwartzAirforceEverest College - Everett
Corshaad ScottArmyNorthwest Railroad Institute
Anthony SeddonArmyPerry Technical Institute
Steven ShahanArmyPima Medical Institute - Renton
Arun SharmaArmyPima Medical Institute - Renton
Marco Sierra-CarrilloArmyPerry Technical Institute
Christopher SimonsenArmyNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Daniel SloanAirforcePima Medical Institute - Renton
Daniel StallingArmyCortiva Institute - Seattle
Josh StinerMarinesNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Kyle StoddardMarinesNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Charles SwiftArmyNorthwest Railroad Institute
Timothy TuttleArmyNorthwest Railroad Institute
James VictorianNavyPima Medical Institute - Renton
David VitaArmyDivers Institute of Technology
Phillip WardripMarinesNorthwest Renewable Energy Institute
Timothy WelbornNavyEverest College - Vancouver
Joseph WheatleyArmyDeVry University - Portland
Eric WickstromAirforcePerry Technical Institute
Micheal WilliamsonArmyDeVry University - Portland
Sarah WilshireArmyPerry Technical Institute
Joe WilsonNavyPima Medical Institute - Renton
Matthew WilsonArmyNorthwest Railroad Institute
Kyle WolphArmyDeVry University - Portland
Vincent ZinicolaArmyPima Medical Institute - Renton
Arrene ZittingCoast GuardDeVry University - Portland
End of Records (found 151)